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Jemima Forrester, 

The Six Loves Of Billy Binns

Debut novel published by Tinder Press / Headline.

"A big, assured, accomplished work" - Sunday Independent

"Enough warmth for the chilliest of Januarys. It's lovely" - Grazia

"Full of surprises and sentiment" -  Sun

"Moving" - Bella

"A book I would like to have beside me as I grow old to remind me of what's important in life" - Jenny Quintana, author 'The Missing Girl'

"This uplifting and powerful debut is beautifully written, full of emotion and will tug at your heartstrings"- Sarah J Harris, author 'The Colour Of Bee Larkham's Murder.'

Wonderful You  

7 hour drama for ITV, co written with Chris Niel.

"The first seriously grown up drama that makes reaching thirty look like an achievement rather than the end of the line... Perfect.” - The Times 

"Stylish, sexy drama... wonderfully watchable” - The Mirror 

"There's no other programme that can make me cry with laughter like this one and I rather wish it could go on forever” - Sunday Express 

Radio plays: A Book By Lester Tricklebank, Man In The Moon (Shortlisted Society of Authors’ Tinniswood award), A Good Place For Fishing, John Dodd Gets taken For A Ride (Shortlisted Society of Authors’ Ivison award)., The Six Loves Of Billy Binns.

"A warm engaging penetrating play that grips to the end... Remarkable” - Sunday Times 

"A remarkable piece of new drama... The internal monologue rages with a careful precision born of limited surroundings” - Observer 

"A view of life based on tight horizons. RL creates an intense, poetic world” - Daily Telegraph 

"Poignant, lyrical drama about a man hounded by memories of a scarred early life and a tragic accident. The script captures the ordinary and turns it into breathtaking poetry. Richly dotted with comic and cruel moments, this is nothing less than pure class.” - Frances Lass, Radio Times 

"This monumentally moving play... I cried like a baby” - Daily Mail 

"RL's sensitive, sensual play flies like a bright bird over time, history and memory” - Telegraph 

"RL's touching elegiac play... spellbinding” - Radio Times

“Evocative, beautifully written drama,”  - Daily Telegraph


Theatre: WE COULD BE HEROES (aka The Fall & Rise of Lenny Smallman)

Bridewell, London / Yvonne Arnaud, Guildford / Arts Theatre (West End).

"Warm-hearted and perfectly executed, with a Richard Curtis-like ability to recast old tropes in hilarious ways and to balance them with a poignancy that, if sentimental, is joyfully crowd-pleasing. This is great date theatre. Go along, have a laugh.” - Kieron Quirke, Time Out CRITICS CHOICE


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